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Personal training in a group environment for all ages and fitness levels. Group classes, Strength Classes, and Improve your fitness level and achieve your goal in our Ravis Fit! We were the pioneer of CrossFit in Coimbatore (2011) and we have four locations in Coimbatore to satisfy our clients those who search  Best Crossfit Gym near me. If you live in Coimbatore and you want to get in the best shape of your life.

Ravis fit is headquartered in the Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore and was founded in 2011 on principles of fitness. We pledge to offer the best fitness service aimed at helping people to improve their healthy life. Our Ravis Fit community-based crossfitness Training strength and well-designed fitness crossfit gym near me

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At Ravis fit, we care about our clients, making fitness lifestyle, seeing results, helping people get healthier, and cheering each other on. We are dedicated to long term health and wellness through our all cross fitness Training programs and Ravis Fit is the place to be and those who search Best Crossfit Gym near me.

Whether your goal is to get stronger, Fat loss, Inch loss, Weight loss, or Body sculpting. Ravis Fit high-intensity group classes deliver more exceptional results in less time than any other gym in Coimbatore.

You will learn and get fit with regular workouts that combine crossfitness Training, HIIT, functional training, circuit training, strength training, core exercises, explosive workouts, gyming, general fitness, and cardio at the appropriate level. Indeed, the results are always dramatic. The atmosphere is one of support because Ravis Fit is following outdoor fitness training in Coimbatore which anyone willing to put in the work.

Get two classes filled with safe and motivating instruction covering all of the basics you need to do workouts effectively while setting you up to move on to regular classes. You’ll learn, get a workout, meet great people, and see what Ravis Fit is all about.

Below are some Reviews and success stories from our clients. This is proof of our Ravis Fit training. You all have made the first step towards better life and health by getting involved with our Ravis Fit and our Best diet plan.

Why I choose Ravis Fit

Suriya Kumar

I had a wonderful experience with them. They are well trained and equipped. Lost almost 7 to 8kg in the last three months, this gave me confidence and a good start in the fitness world.

Sessions are well designed to gradually lose weight without any side effects/injury, along with their easy to follow a diet plan.

Thank you so much Ravi sir and all my trainers for guidance and training.

I’m very much happy to recommend to all of them who want to be fit and improve their lifestyle in a healthy way.

Gowtham Devaraj
I have belonged to the RAVIS FIT gym since I had an accident two years ago and I had much confusion that How Got Into Training At A Best Crossfit Gym near me and I finally found Ravis Fit which is following Crossfit Training near me. This crossfit is friendly with plenty of crossfit Gym equipment to complete many different exercises.

When I first joined I was unable to complete the workouts, but with continuous encouragement by senior coach Mr.Ravishankar, I can move on to greater things. I have now managed to return to almost complete strength and he still encourages me to achieve more. I really enjoy my workout time there and would readily recommend anyone else to try it out. IT’S GREAT!

Sujithra selvarajan

I should say it’s best to kick start for my life towards a healthy lifestyle. They have more trainers who concentrate on everybody’s fitness.Here I don’t have a feel of straining myself when working out as we feel in the gym.
Rather they have a play way method of training us.

I can enjoy playing a game while working out.

This is beyond the money I paid. From Monday to Friday, their way of the work plan is totally different which covers all types of work out for the whole body.

Especially Ravi’s level of motivation is great and he is very cautious in taking care of all the person’s fitness.
His weekend plans of outdoor entertainments like trekking, running are superb.they have a separate session for ladies and I recommend this place to other ladies who want a safe and best crossfit gym near me.

Please stop by one of our four branch facilities today and meet one of our certified coaches who sincerely care about supporting you on your fitness journey!

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