Full Body Workout

Most of you said that you have access to dumbbells at home…if not, you can use soup cans, water bottles, etc….anything to give you a little resistance! I felt one was 🔥!!!! Beginners-modify where needed! No excuses! . .


1️⃣ Thrusters – 15 reps

2️⃣ Sumo Squats with High Pull -15 reps

3️⃣ Squat with Choppings – 15 reps

4️⃣ Duck Walk Back and Forth -15 reps each

5️⃣ Lunges with Flies – 12 reps each

6️⃣ Squat with Shrugs – 15 reps Repeat 3x’s with little to no rest! . . 📌TAG your workout partner or someone who is always looking for a good fat burn!! SAVE for later!📌 🐶

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