Workouts To Do At Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Home Based Workouts | Whole Body Tempo Workout | Pregnancy Exercise | WOD Sunday | 5 Apr 2020

Speciality in this workout is to change up the tempo!! One it can work your muscles in a different way & two it can give you a little boost of motivation that you need!!
For this workout, we need to do with different tempos. For the first round, we should go slow. The second round, we should go faster. Then the last one round, should go slow for 6 & fast for 6! Pls note that you must maintain good form. Don’t compromise form just to go faster. If you need to take it slower, by all means take it slow!
SUPERSET  (Repeat 3x)
Exercise 1️⃣: Lunge with one armed shoulder raise x 12 reps each side
Exercise 2️⃣: Staggered deadline with front raise x 15 reps
Exercise 3️⃣: Reverse row with lunge x 12 reps each side
Exercise 4️⃣: Side lunge swing with knee raise x 12 reps each side
Exercise 5️⃣: Arnold press with chest squeeze × 15 reps
Exercise 6️⃣: Dumbbell Swing × 15 reps each side
Exercise 7️⃣ : Squats lateral walk × 15 steps each side
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