Workouts To Do At Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Home Based Workouts | Strong Core | Abs work out | Flat stomach | WOD Thursday | 9 Apr 2020


IF any of  these exercises doesn’t feel good or hurt, DON’T DO THEM

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ABS & CORE.. something we all hate lol 😂 but it is a important stuff that we need to include in our fitness routine.


Here’s 7 exercises you feel really comfortable doing! All for the core and no direct contradiction on the abs. Stability and breathing will take you a long way.


1️⃣ Reversed plank | 15reps

2️⃣ Russian Twist (hands raised high) | 15 reps each side

3️⃣ Spider plank crunches | 15 reps each side

4️⃣  Side plank raise and dip | 15 reps each side

5️⃣  Plank Leg Raise to Knee Tuck | 15 reps each side

6️⃣ Donkey kick Crossovers |

15 reps each side

7⃣ Bear pose to Downward Dog | 20 reps

All 7 Exercises are one set.Try doing 3 to 4 sets

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