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The sculpting of body : A journey to a new physique


About Us:

Ravis Fitness Centre and Crossfit Gym, Coimbatore’s premier destination for achieving your fitness goals. We’re proud to be recognized as the No.1 Crossfitt gym in Coimbatore . Experience the difference of our outdoor gym. Are you ready to transform your body and mindset ? Join us for a free trial class and enroll with us for regular workout classes and receive a complimentary diet plan to kickstart your healthy life.

Features and Benefits :

  • Personalized diet and workout plans designed specially to meet your desired fitness goals.
  • Receive guidance from certified nutritionists and all workouts are designed by Mr. Ravi Shankar.
  • Workouts are focused on weight loss, fat loss, PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid, Pre pregnancy wellness, Pelvic strengthening, diastasis recti and Hernia correction, Muscle gaining and body toning.
  • It includes balanced diet plan.
  • Flexible timing.

A Journey to Healthy and Vitality




Muscle Building Transformation



More than 15 Kgs Weightloss

Tharani Priya


Fatloss Transformation



Postpartum Belly Fat Transformation



General Fitness to lead a healthy lifestyle

Why should you consider us ?

Founders Mission

Begin a transformative journey with RavisFit, where health meets harmony! Based in the serene landscape of Ramanathapuram, With additional locations in Coimbatore’s Sai Baba Colony and Ganapathy, we’re your ultimate destination for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join us as we guide you through personalized fitness programs, nourishing nutrition plans, and mindful wellness practices tailored just for you. Lets walk the path towards vitality and well-being together.

Mr.Ravi Shankar 


Celin Prabha
Celin Prabha
I have lost more than 10kg since starting your program! I am so excited. I’ve had fun buying smaller sizes of clothing. What an adventure your class has been! I have lost weight, feel stronger, and am more confident than I have ever been before. This class has been life-changing, and I am deeply indebted to you. Thank you so much to you and your team. I feel very happy to see my transformation. I feel fit and healthy. Thanks for your guidance to lead a healthy life style.
Vahul Rajmohan
Vahul Rajmohan
I can't express enough gratitude for the incredible journey I've had at this Ravi’s Fit CrossFit gym. From weighing 75kgs to now 60kgs, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. The supportive community, expert coaching, and challenging workouts have empowered me every step of the way. Here, I found more than just a gym, I found a team dedicated to achieving health and fitness goals together. Thank you for helping me become the best version of myself!
aakash ashok
aakash ashok
hi, am aakash, am a general surgeon from coimbatore, so my journey in ravis CrossFit started 6-7 months back, am basically a person who easily gets bored with monotonous workout regimen, this is the longest period that i have stayed in a single fitness centre, ravis CrossFit is so different from others because here working out is fun, every day the workouts are different from what we do the previous day, so everday is so interesting here, the trainers here are awesome, they are with u all the time,they help u with diet and all that, people are so concerned about ur health that its literally like a family here, I've started noticing a lot of changes in my body over this period of time, I've lost close to 10 kgs in this period and am excited for lot more to come!!! my heartfelt thanks to ravi bro and our trainers for all the things they do, i would recommend all people to join here and get healthy in a fun and exciting way, cheers!!! ✌🏻❤️
suki ebenezar
suki ebenezar
I am happy to share my weight loss journey with your program. My initial weight was 92kg and within a month i was able to drastic weight and inch loss though i was not able to follow proper diet and walking. The immediate result motivates to continue the workout and diet properly… your guidance towards the formation of workout, diet and following up on the measurements everything makes to feel good vibe and encourages to continue… I was not able to continue the class due to personal reason but still i want to rejoin back and i did it.. Thanks for the support you are providing throughout our journey and make us feel confident…
vivek anandan
vivek anandan
Hi Ravis Fitness Team, I have been attending your class for last 2 months..Your training session is really effective and everyday the workout you provide us unique and non boring..I lost 9kg and 3 inches so far. I am following the diet which is provided by u and I feel good and healthy. I need to lose 20 more kgs..Will continue your class and diet. It is true as you said, Diet is a healthy life style, not just for reducing weight.
Anbuchselvi Ramkumar
Anbuchselvi Ramkumar
First of all sorry for the late review .. After my delivery my stomach was looks like a pregnant women, everyone asked about my belly.. i was so depressed and worried about my body... But after joining your class this is my 3rd month now I can see visible changes in my body.. my mommy tummy also quite reduced... I want to follow the proper diet and want reduce more inch loss. Now I am feeling very happy and confident... All the credits goes to you only (Ravi sir)... Really thank you so much sir from the bottom of my heart without your guidance i didn't achieve this..
Saranya Pradeep
Saranya Pradeep
Hi sir, I have been attending fitness class since April. Initially I started with an idea to correct my DR and get rid of my mummy tummy. But after attending I was able to feel the lightness of my body, flexibility and gained good stamina.I have reduced 3 kgs,notable inch loss and gained lots of confidence. Ur motivation to diet helped me to start counting my calories. Thank you very much Sir 😊
Swathi Rangasamy
Swathi Rangasamy
Hi sir.. this is Swathi ur 4.30pm online batch student. Before two years I attended ur online class because of my pcod problem. After two months it’s completely recovered.. now I m mom of 10 months so I m attending ur class for my weight loss.. it’s really effective and can see my inch loss in a month.. now my body shape is better than before and also my postpartum belly also reduced..I reduced 2.8kg in a month but still I wanna reduce my weight.. ur guidance is very helpful for my healthy lifestyle.. U are corrected every small mistake to make me do the right workout.. And also the timing is not a problem in ur class sir.. I ll try to follow the proper diet to see the good result.. Thanks for ur effort and concern sir…
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