Workouts To Do At Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Home Based Workouts| Arms Toning workouts | weightloss | WOD Tuesday | 7 Apr 2020

Use 2.5kg , 5kg (or) 10kg according to your capacity ✅ SAVE or SHARE  this Arms workout with a friend or try later.

Workout details:

1️⃣ Triceps kickbacks – (3×15 each arm)

2⃣ Floor skull crushers – (3×15)

3⃣Single arm overhead triceps extensions – (3×15 each arm)

4⃣ Biceps concentration – (3× 15 each)  5️⃣Alternate hammer curls – (3×15 each arm)  6️⃣Biceps curls – (3×15 each arm)

Make you save this one and tag your friends for some new ideas! This workout will leave your arms sore!🙏 @ravisfit

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