Use water filled water bottles (or) 2kg dumbells
1️⃣ Skier Punch
2️⃣ Lateral #Squat Jump Front Raise

3️⃣ Burpee Jack

4️⃣ In Out Squat Jump

5️⃣ In Out  Jump with alternate toe reach

6️⃣ Toe jump with Standing side reach *️⃣Do not jump for low impact *️⃣OPTION: you do not need to use hand weights for Jumps- – *️⃣ 30 secs ON 10 secs OFF each for 6-8 rounds – – 📗 Please read 📗Amazing workouts for you to do every day including #Hiit at home! It is especially important to focus on home workouts right now! You’ll have a library of workouts you can take anywhere –


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